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You want a short bio?
Knew it. Here you go!

*That glass is filled with water, not an alcoholic beverage, if that's what you're thinking. Gotta stay hydrated!

Jhanelle is a Jamaican-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. Her "style" of humor can be best described as "confidently confused". As an adult recovering from childhood anxiety & sleep disorders, her nostalgic observations aim to find the order in chaos (and vice versa). Notable appearances include Field Trip Festival, Toronto SketchFest, Just For Laughs, JFL42 and CBC. But what really matters is that as a kid, her mom told her that her last name spelled backwards is “Sinned”. She can't stop thinking about it.


Outside of working off-screen in television, you can catch her geeking out over TV & Movie news as a Host/Content Creator on and Collider Extras on YouTube


You can also check out past episodes of her podcast with Jacob Derwin about failure and desperation called "I'M TRYING!"(that is taking a break but might be coming back in the future) Check it out below:

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