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You want a bio?
You can't HANDLE a bio.

Image alt text: Dark-haired, seemingly ethnic, blue woman tries to be cute while pretending to chug a beer that is actually water

Jhanelle is a Jamaican-Canadian from Toronto, Canada whose brand of humor can be best described as "confidently confused".

As an adult recovering from childhood anxiety & multiple sleep disorders, her nostalgic observations aim to find the order in chaos (& vice versa). Notable comedy appearances include:

Field Trip Festival, Toronto SketchFest, JFL42, Just For Laughs Montreal, & CBC.

She has also produced & hosted regularly sold out innovative live shows, co-hosted sold out interactive movie screenings with Drunk Feminist Films, released 2 parody rap albums with Comedy Records, as well as opened for a motley crew of Comics including Bert Kreischer, Jackie Kashian & Mark Normand. But what *really* matters is that as a kid, her mom told her she found her as an orphaned infant in a KFC (not true) & that her real last name spelled backwards is “Sinned”(true). She can't stop thinking about it.


Outside of working in corporate in the TV & film industry [a voice in the distance yells "SELLOUT"], you can catch her geeking out over TV & movie news as a Host/Content Creator on & Collider Extras on YouTube


You can also check out past episodes of her podcast with Casting Editor, Musician & Survivor Contestant, Jacob Derwin, about failure and desperation called "I'M TRYING!"(that has since wrapped but might come back in the future because failure is forever) Check it out below:

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